The Sustainable Solution to Industrial Chemical Separation

The Sustainable Solution to Industrial Chemical Separation

Revolutionizing food, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals industries


Many global industries from food to pharmaceuticals and even petrochemicals rely on the science behind chemical separation and purification.

These processes are largely invisible, though they have become one of the world’s largest silent polluters, accounting for up to 15% of the planet’s entire energy consumption.

This needs to change.



Our Technology

Our new generation of nano-filters is dramatically reducing energy consumption and pollution globally by enabling the most effective chemical separation at a molecular level, without the traditional use of heat.

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This is a revolutionary technology in an often overlooked area, which promises incredible impact in energy-saving through hardware-enabled material science.
— Duncan Turner, SOSV
SEPPURE’s technology can change the game in the food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries by substantially reducing energy costs and increasing the quality of the products.
— Professor Tai-Shung Chung, Provost's Chair Professor at National University of Singapore

Our Impact

Our energy-efficient solution is curbing the need to deplete our global natural resources and setting the standard for a sustainable future.


Every year, this technology saves


Million Tonnes

volatile organic compound emissions

Billion Tonnes

carbon dioxide

Billion Gallons



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SEPPURE won the President’s Innovation Challenge Award
at Tsinghua University by X-Lab.

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