Our Impact


The current process of chemical separation, including distillation, accounts for 10-15% of the world’s entire energy consumption.

Chemical separation is imperative for industries ranging from food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical. Not only are these processes operating at massive scale, they require immense amounts of energy-intensive distillation and evaporation separations.

SEPPURE’s sustainable alternative can conserve billions of gallons of water, millions of tonnes in volatile organic compound emissions and billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere every single year.


The Global Climate Crisis is a big problem requiring a big solution.

Chemical separation is integral to the industries we rely on, from the food we eat to the cars we drive. Every day, 95 million barrels of crude oil get processed around the world, roughly 2 L for every person on the planet. By actively reducing the overall ecological footprint of one of the most polluting industries worldwide, SEPPURE is reducing the energy consumption and pollution in the food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries by at least 90%.

Separating and purifying liquids without the use of heat is not only game-changing to the industry, it is environment saving.

SEPPURE’s technology was created to provide the upmost quality in achieving chemical separation, without the need for the industry to spend an average of US$3.6 trillion on energy annually.


This is just the beginning.