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Chemical-Resistant Nanofiltration Membranes

How does it work?

Our filtration process uniquely uses chemically-resistant membranes with pores less than 1 nanometer in diameter, enabling chemical separations at a molecular level. From distillation to evaporation, we’ve removed the use of heat from the entire process. SEPPURE creates sustainable nanofiltration solutions to separate chemical mixtures at a molecular level with minimal energy used, curbing the reliance on one of the most energy-intensive and polluting processes on the planet.  

Our membranes are solvent resistant, rendering them both stable and scalable. Our unique technology is the outcome of a generous grant funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore, developed by Dr.Farahani (CEO) at the National University of Singapore. SEPPURE has a life-time exclusive license for the IP and technological know-how. 

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We don’t compromise on quality.


We believe in providing the most environmentally friendly solution to chemical separation while delivering competitive products of the highest quality and standard. Our heatless process not only results in higher quality products than traditional methods, we also guarantee an automatic, simple, and safe operation of SEPPURE technology.